3D Cric Trainer

Although anesthesiologists, intensivists, and emergency physicians rarely perform cricothyroidotomy, these specialists must maintain the knowledge, decision-making, and procedural skill sets to perform cricothyroidotomy quickly and safely.  As such, we have created the 3D Cric Trainer, free to download, 3D print, or order. To access the 3D Cric Trainer, see below: 

1.     Please read and follow the suggested instructions available in the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia using this link:


In creating this model, we emphasize that we take no responsibility for ensuring the safety of its use. By downloading, printing or ordering 3D Cric Trainer, the user is acknowledging that they accept full responsibility for any harm that may result from the use of this model.

2.     No matter what material you chose to use with the model, use a Kevlar© neck protector underneath it. Full stop. A link to purchase one has been posted in the above article but there are many other vendors in various countries.

3.     We have released the 3D Cric Trainer as an STL program. To produce it, you have several options: you can print it on a 3D printer, use an on-line 3D printing company or you can simply order cric models from the original company that made them (3dsmith.ca).  3dsmith.ca uses the basic resin from formlabs.com https://formlabs.com/materials/standard/?utm_content=main-nav with good results.

4.     Have fun. Modify the overlying materials to make it more difficult as you practice the technique. And please let us know how you use/modify it!

Check out the 3D Cric Trainer as described on EMCrit: